Could Your Yoga Outfit Be Inspired by Ballet

Many yogis are starting to take notice of an interesting yoga fashion trend that seems to be sweeping through classes across the country. Clothing manufacturers and yogis are continuously choosing styles that are influenced by another major sport. Ballet outfits are becoming increasingly common in a modern yoga studio, but why is this becoming such a prominent trend?

There are actually many overlaps between yoga and ballet. Both sports are highly focused on grace, proper alignment, and moving at the right time. From a physical aspect, both yoga and ballet are highly focused on flexibility and core strength. They require a lot of movement and bending that makes some of the more traditional workout clothing inadequate.

As a result of their common traits, fashion is now beginning to merge between yoga and ballet. Could your yoga outfit actually be inspired by ballet? Take a look at some of these common crossover items to see if you may have already started on this prominent fashion trend.


Bodysuits are seeing a massive surge in popularity these days for yogis who want to practice in something comfortable. Unlike a t-shirt that can ride up during a rigorous practice, a bodysuit is guaranteed to stay in place during every asana. Dancers often wear leotards for the same reason. No matter what position they need to move into, the leotard helps to keep them covered without impeding movement.

Leg Warmers

During the winter, many yogis are huge proponents of slipping a pair of thick leg warmers on over top of their yoga leggings. This is one of the best ways to keep warm while getting into the studio without overheating during practice. Many ballet performers also wear leg warmers over their tights to help keep their muscles loose and fluid at the beginning of practice.

Wraparound Tops

You’ve probably noticed that some of the more popular workout tops hitting store shelves involve a wraparound look. This style has been worn by ballet dancers for years with a flowing skirt over top. It can help to make your waist appear slimmer and provide excellent support for a rigorous and intense workout session. Some of these tops also include built-in shapewear for a more slimming appearance.

Light Layers

Ballet dancers are often known for wearing many light layers to their rehearsals, and yogis are very similar. They often wear several tops or light sweaters to protect their muscles from the frigid cold. This makes it easier to shed individual pieces and remain comfortable even once you heat up in a practice.

There are many similarities between the fashion trends seen in ballet and in yoga. Many yogis may start to notice that their bodysuit and leggings very closely resemble the leotard and tights worn by most ballet dancers. The outfits all have an emphasis on flexibility and movement to help you transition into more complicated postures. Take a look at some of these common fashion crossovers to see if you could benefit from any of these new fashion trends today.

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