Side Crane Pose

The Side Crane Pose is also known as the crow pose or parsva bakasana, you must be able to twist your body enough such that the outer edge of your upper arm is placed outside with respect to the opposite thigh.

How to Perform the Pose- step-by-step

Step 1

Take a half-squat position by bending your knees as well as thighs parallel to the floor. Take the support of a thick blanket if you find discomfort on resting your heels comfortably on the ground. Now, extend the left elbow towards your right thighs outside while simultaneously softening the belly.

Step 2

While exhaling, have your torso twisted towards your right while bringing the lower left rib towards the right thigh as much as you can.

Step 3 

Slide your left arm’s back towards the outside of your right thigh while getting the outer armpit close to your outer thigh as far as possible. Keep your arm in place and bend your back slightly while drawing the right shoulder back such that the torso is twisted deeply.

Step 4

Reach the maximum rotation point while constantly exhaling and alternately repeating twisting and back bending movements. Now, slide the upper left arm towards the right hip while pressing it against the right thigh. Maintain the pressure and draw the back of the upper arm towards the right knee with no sliding of your skin. This rotates the upper arm flesh outwards while locking it. Try to maintain the position when your arm is on the thigh.

Step 5

Now, squat completely, having the buttocks above the heels. Keep the left palm right on the ground. If you face difficulty in placing the right hand down, tip the torso towards the right until the right palm can be placed down. Lean a little more towards the right such that you can easily place your hand on the floor. The shoulder and the hands must be positioned placed on a diagonal imaginary line away from the right foot that is angled in the heel’s direction. Keep the fingers parallel to one another. Most of your body weight will rest on the feet.

Step 6 

While lifting the pelvis, maintain contact between the left arm as well as the right thigh while trying to bring the abdomen center between the hands. Now, you can find the perfect balancing position by adjusting. The weight on the hands will increase as you get close to the posture, while the weight on the feet will decrement unless they are lifted easily.

Step 7 


Keeping the feet together draw the heels towards the buttocks. While exhaling, soften the tummy and get prepared for the twist. Now, lift the feet up gradually. 

Step 8 

Keep your right arm straight. Lift the right shoulder and twist the spine. Lift the chest and the head and look straight. Repeat on the other side as well.


  • Tones the spine and belly

  • Makes the arms and wrist strong

  • Helps improve balance

Mistakes and Contradictions

Similar to a few other poses, You must avoid practicing this pose if you have any form of lower back or wrist injury.

How to Perform It Perfectly

Being a beginner, you must pay attention to balance. In order to secure it, have your forehead lowered in a bolster or a block while you lift the feet in the air. Wear comfortable yoga leggings to comfortably perform the pose.

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